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RAMWorks LLC was formed  to offer affordable computer software engineering and project management consulting services. The principals are well educated and experienced in software development and project management best practices.

President and CEO

Lorraine T. Mancuso, MBA, PMP

  • Education: B.S. degree in Computer Science, MBA in Operations Research and certified as a Project Management Professional
  • Experience: Over 30 years of application development and relational database management, as well as 10 years of project management experience.

Vice President

Richard A. Mancuso

  • Education: B.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT and pursuing a M.S. degree in Software Engineering.
  • Experience: Application development lanuages include Python, C#, C++ and JAVA. Development environments include Eclipse and Visual Studio. Developed applications for Sifteo cubes, Android mobile devices and Windows. Previously employed by Scavenger and EA Sports.